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Business “ done deal” guarantees no Integration ”done deal”. To any change programme ( and M&A is a Change), the Human and the Cultural ( people and organizational cultures)  elements are as important- if not more critical- than the strategy, the price, and the positioning. And that is regardless of where you are in the process. Deals and Change initiatives fail – also – because the People and Culture elements are often overlooked. When left aside people will always try to figure out what the change will mean for them and this creates anxiety, tension that affects the teams and the quality of work. In such context, people place high value on close contact, and this means more than the “one off” Town hall meeting. Sharing regularly, getting people involved is important and we recommend meeting them even if you have nothing to share, people do have questions and concerns! This and other initiatives involving company’s leadership contributes to creating a “trusted environment” and lays ground for a better, smoother process towards change and the desired results.