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The meeting of two individuals is like the contact of two chemical substances : if there is a reaction , both are transformed. C. Jung!

Continuous learning is the answer to personal growth and development. Managers turn to training to acquire new skills or update their knowledge about their function or industry.To enhance personal effectiveness and further develop your leadership and management capability, COACHING will help you maximise the investment* made to becoming a more effective leader by  bringing the desired change and unlocking your full potential.

Our step by step approach:

1. We Clarify what the client (if different from the coachee) want to achieve, the goals.
2. We meet the Coachee to bridge and understand the challenges and expectations.
3. We Confirm mutual acceptance and agree on Objectives.
4. We sign Client NDA.
5. We set the Roadmap and milestones
6. We Identify and agree on activities, tools, assessment tools.The leadership development may include 360 feedback, and other relevant assessment tools.Share with coachee the outcomes and agree on areas of focus.
7. We Work with Coachee on the preparation of a Personal Development Plan.
8. We set-up a meeting with coachee and the client / his manager to discuss and confirm the Personal Development Plan
9. We conduct a Progress Review against Objectives mid-way of the agreed time plan

10. At the end of the engagement we meet the client to discuss and suggest what is needed to be done to reinforce the support to becoming more effective leader.
11. We meet the coachee and the client to submit summary report and close out engagement.

*Source: Business Case , Compiled reports by Institute of Executive Coaching and Leadership (IECL)