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Over 60% of strategies are not successfully implemented (Conference Board) for multiple reasons. Telling the strategy is good but not enough: it needs to be sold, and since the implementation depends on the buy-in of all the workforce, HR can play a central role here by helping managers translate the strategy with accessible wordings to their respective teams. This facilitation role in the communication top-down and bottom-up for the strategy implementation offers a good platform for HR Value creation!
With the pressure on HR function to distance itself from being too admin and create value, HR professionals have here the opportunity to make real difference and be regarded as partners. Alignment is a must !
Here are few basic recommendations to help your company’s strategy execution:
Get on board right from the start, get informed, keep all communication channels active
Work closely with the sponsor, the project manager and other participants
Align HR strategy with company strategy, and do it each time there is adjustments or new strategy.
Make sure resources and competencies required ( roles and capabilities) are available and if not ring the bell and/or suggest solutions.
Align your performance management with new strategy.
Keep an active role in Communication with all stakeholders about implementation and performance progress.
From Audit to Transformation we would be happy to help your HR organization align with your business goals and strategy/ies